The Design And Performance Of The Samsung A52S


The Samsung A52s is a mid-budget Android-based smartphone manufactured and launched by Samsung Electronics as part of their Galaxy A series. The phone is introduced on 16 March 2021 in Samsung’s virtual Awesome unpacked event along with the new Galaxy A72. It is supposed to be the successor of the aging Galaxy A 51. There is no direct relation between the two phones, but the specifications and the performance levels are similar. samsung a52s

The Samsung A52s has a lot of features like Dual Shot Image Stabilization, Dual Shot Video Stabilization and Android interface with Zen UI 5.2. It also has a very attractive design and looks very nice. It has a unique color combination including grey, blue and aqua green. The design of this smartphone is based on smooth lines and it has the feel of a jewel case. The body has a flat surface and has a very nice back plate that curves around slightly. This back plate houses the power and volume buttons.

The Samsung A52s has a 5.5 inch screen that looks nice and is quite sharp. The display has a very nice color combination including aqua green, grey and blue. The screen has been protected with a Gorilla glass skin that has been enhanced with fingerprint resistant features. The Samsung A52s also comes with a rear camera, which is a pretty good one.

The Samsung SGH text comes with a very nice model number. It comes with a dual SIM card and it is also one of the most expensive models of this series. The fingerprint scanner on this handset is one of the best you can find and it really responds quickly to your touch. You can also use the capacitive button to wake the phone up but you need to remember that the fingerprint reader will only be effective during the first 10 seconds of it being powered on. This means that if you want to make a call, you will need to power the device on for the rest of the time.

The Samsung A52s comes with a dual rear camera as well. There is a model with a 21 MP primary camera and an additional one with a small lens. This will enable you to take some great images with this handset. The camera comes with a shutter key which is used to control the flash and also has a fingerprint scanner for easier security.

The Samsung A52s has a nice little design with all its hardware including a very attractive home button on the lower left hand corner of the phone. On the back there are dual laser microphones which will enable it to identify any voice that you speak too. The selfies which you take with this device are going to impress with the amount of detail that can be recorded.

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